Trust Management Attorneys in Chicopee MA

What are Trusts?

A trust is an agreement that allows for a third party to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary. He or she can turn over all or some parts to the trustee as part of the agreement. Most trusts are composed of trustors, donors, settlers, all who have a written declaration of trust which establishes terms and conditions for the agreement. The written declaration also names the original trustee, and names of future trustees. A trust is a legal relationship between one person and the trustee(s), having equal ownership or management over certain property or assets. This agreement can and may be enforced by a court of law.

What is the Purpose of a Trust?

The primary purpose of a trust is to retain control of assets even after death. You can pass your assets to your beneficiaries through a trust and they will receive the asset when you die. Trusts avoid probate and beneficiaries gain access to assets more quickly than transferred by will. Some benefits include:

  • Protecting your Estate: A trust can protect your estate from beneficiaries who are unable to manage your finances.
  • Privacy: Probates can be publicly accessed. Trusts allow assets to remain private.
  • Save time: ¬†Assets in trust save time, and they allow access to assets more quickly and avoid court fees.

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