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Reverse mortgages assist clients who are “house rich” and “cash poor” in accessing equity in their home. These mortgages allow homeowners to convert their home equity into cash, with no monthly mortgage payment.

Older homeowners commonly get reverse mortgages to supplement income, buy long-term insurance, or finance home improvements. Instead of making monthly payments to a lender, a homeowner will get money from the lender and doesn’t have to pay it back as long as he/she lives in the home. The lender, in exchange, will hold onto some of the home’s equity.

A reverse mortgage lawyer or real estate attorney can help you decide whether a reverse mortgage is necessary in your situation. Some loan lenders may try to take advantage of homeowners or be part of a scam, and an attorney can help you determine if you’re being deceived.

Common issues with reverse mortgages can include the following and more:

  • Inability to afford ongoing costs
  • Using up home equity
  • Risk of foreclosure

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