Residential Real Estate Issues

Our Services and How We Serve Our Clients

In purchasing a residential home, the purchase agreement is the most critical step. Understanding the details of this agreement determines the nature of your buying and selling, and considers a list of issues intended for the reader to consider before buying or selling a home.

We offer representation of buyers, sellers and bank clients in all aspect of residential real estate including buying, selling, financing and leasing all types of residential properties. Our attorneys will work diligently to evaluate your case and examine a potential list of issues, and give you the information you need to move forward with your residential buying and selling.

Types of residential real estate issues:

  • Representation of buyer, seller, and bank clients
  • Buying, selling, financing, and leasing all types of residential properties
  • Concerns with buying a home
  • Concerns with a title
  • Zoning issues
  • Easement issues

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Labrie, Pouliot, LaRocque & Guiel, P.C. serves Western MA, including Chicopee, Springfield, and Longmeadow, for residential real estate cases.