Private Financing

In a private finance initiative, private firms provide funds for major capital investments and are contracted to manage public projects. These people are often called private lenders, and this money is borrowed from a lender who isn’t affiliated with a financial institution. This high risk financing initiative may carry a lot of risk factors along the way. That’s why LPLG Law is here to represent your case.

Our attorneys will work diligently to evaluate your case and examine a potential list of issues, and give you the information and representation you need to move forward with your private financing initiative.

Common private financing issues:

  • Insufficient finance
  • Investment risk
  • Government and political risk
  • Settlement and operational risk

If you have come across an issue with a private finance initiative in residential or commercial real estate transactions, please contact our office at (413) 534-4214 or submit your contact information by completing our online form. During your free initial consultation, our experienced team of attorneys will work with you to understand your case and advance quickly and appropriately.

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Labrie, Pouliot, LaRocque & Guiel, P.C. serves Western MA, including Chicopee, Springfield, and Longmeadow, for private financing.