Medicaid Consultations

“Medicaid eligibility is very complex; the rules change frequently, they differ in each state, they differ by program within each state, the application is time-consuming, and the review process lengthy1.”

Being denied Medicaid can impact quality of life. It can affect comfort, happiness and even the health of an individual and their family. Medicaid planners reduce the stress of this situation by helping clients structure solutions based on their financial and medical situations.

Typical services provided by Medicaid consultants include:

  • Creating trusts
  • Manage asset transfers
  • Protect family home from Medicaid recovery
  • Manage finances

Why you should consult with an elder law attorney

Consulting is an expense; there is no getting around it. But it is significantly less expensive than nursing homes who can charge $10,000 a month or more.

As mentioned above, Medicaid is a complex system that is constantly changing. Having someone to help guide you through the complexities allows you weigh your available options. Making the decision to see a Medicaid consultant does not require you to take any particular step, it simply gives you the legal literacy to make informed decisions for your financial and medical security 2.


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