Land Court Issues

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The state of Massachusetts has a Land Court that’s a department in the trial court of the Commonwealth. Its subject-matter jurisdiction is limited to real property disputes. The Land Court oversees cases related to land registration, decisions by local planning boards and zoning boards of appeal, and other property and real estate matters.

Zoning and land use cases can be a difficult process to handle on your own, and it’s critical to have an attorney represent you in any case to ensure the process is done properly. LPLG Law assists clients with title defects or landowner disputes that require Land Court intervention.

LPLG Law handles property and Land Court cases including:

  • Tax lien foreclosures: This is the sale of a property resulting from the property owner’s failure to pay tax liabilities.
  • S-Petitions: One can “register” their land to ensure the integrity of their land title. A supplemental petition can be used to determine restrictions arising under contracts or deeds.
  • Quiet Title Actions: These cases resolve complex title defects, often a last result for property owners when attorneys and title insurance companies can’t resolve title issues using traditional methods.
  • Adverse Possession matters: These deal with individuals who don’t have legal title to a piece of property and attempts to claim legal ownership.

Property disputes can be confusing for landowners, and the attorneys at LPLG Law want to make any Massachusetts Land Court issues a smooth process that ensures our clients’ property interests are protected.

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