Healthcare Proxy Attorney

What is a Healthcare Proxy?

We help a variety of clients with establishing health care proxies. Let us help you appoint the proper health care agent that is best for you.

This office has the experience and specialized knowledge necessary to ensure that your future medical decisions are accounted for.

Appointing a health care proxy or agent is an important decision, as they will make your medical and treatment decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself due to illness or injury. It is important to ensure that your proxy can be trusted to make the decisions you would want. Make sure they are aware of your personal beliefs towards certain treatments, your religion, certain health care providers or institutions and even your beliefs about health, illness and death.

Your proxy will have as little or as much access to your health records and other information as you want. We can place certain restrictions on what your proxy can do or see can be included if you choose to do so.

This office is dedicated to provide our best service in assisting you appoint a health care proxy. Your future is safe in the hands of Labrie, Pouliot, La Rocque & Guiel, P.C.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your needs please contact our office at (413) 534-4214 or submit your contact information by completing our form.