Divorce is the legal act of dissolving a marriage, therefore, reinstating the title of “single” to the parties involved and making it legal for them to marry other people. However, there is much more than just the dissolution of marriage involved in a divorce. There are questions over where property, children (if involved), and many other things will go once the marriage is deemed concluded 1.

In the past, there has been a requirement to list a reason for divorce which would have had to been approved in a court of law. However, as the times have changed this law has been left behind. Now couples may list “no-fault” as the reason for divorce. This eliminates the need to place blame on one person for the reason the marriage failed.

Divorce will lead to many different sections of the law as child custody, alimony issues, and the division of marital property comes into play. These will require the participation of both parties to resolve if no agreement is determined then court action may be required. Our attorneys are highly experienced in all of these law practices and are prepared for whatever service you may require. To see more information about the specific regulations on the issues associated with a divorce be assure to visit their individual pages on our website 2.

Whether you are information seeking about a possible divorce or are already engaged in the process and require assistance LPLG Law is able to help you complete the process. While divorce is generally an adversarial action, pitting spouse against spouse, we will provide the legal resources to help individuals navigate the process as smoothly as possible. Please call to set up an appointment today.


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